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Theme Based Recs: Immortal!Ianto Fics

Immortal as in Undead, or Long-living. Jack/Ianto Pairings because its romantic, it just is. May include Creature!Ianto, Vortex!Ianto, or Timelord!Ianto. Also included 'Aliens-made-them-do-it' for variety. Again this is not a comprehensive list of all Immortal!Ianto fics, just the ones I've read and loved.


Short Fic/Oneshot:

Stuck On The Slow Path by szm 
Summary: Alternate Universe after the Gamestation incident. Fic is a sequel to It didn't Start Out Like This.
Tags: Doctor Who Season 1 Spoilers, Janto, Its-All-Bad-Wolf's-Fault

All Eternity by crystalshard 
Summary: "When you have all eternity, its unusual to be surprised." Jack asks the TARDIS for a favor and end up with more than he wished for.
Tags: Janto, TARDIS, Doctor, Torchwood Season 1 Spoilers

I Bring Life by ru_salki99 
Summary: MUST READ "Ianto has an accident that changes his and Jack's lives forever" Ianto dies three times before he believes it. Vortex Demons are involved.
Tags: Janto, Vortex, Its-All-The-Vortex-Demon's-Fault

Revenge Best Served by tanarian 
Summary: Bilis is useful for something after all. We love Tanarian, we really do.
Tags: Janto, End of Days, It's-All-Bilis-Manger's-Fault

Complications by tanarian 
Summary: MUST READ Ianto commits suicide. Several times. This fic is crying out for a sequel. Fantastic Ignored!Ianto, and a morbid look at a suicidal man's thoughts.
Tags: Janto, End of Days, Suicide

Paths by tanarian 
Summary: Shows Ianto throughout the years as he constantly turns down the oppurtunity to go out there and explore. Very well written.
Tags: Janto, Past Doctors, Regenerations, Family

Long Fics:

A Trip In The TARDIS by laytoncolt 
Summary: MUST READ The Doctor kidnaps Ianto for Jack to play with while they travel through time and space. Fab characterisation and fantastically written
Tags: Long Life, Janto, Timetravel, Action & Adventure

Ashes to Flames by ivegotthemusic 
Summary: 8 Chapters. Harkness and Jones seem to have their own future legend. Harkness and Jones wonder why? Its all very action packed, poor Ianto gets shot at, taken over and blown up. Woobie!Ianto...The fic feels unfinished but the author said that she's done with the fic, shame. Still a good read though.
Tags: Janto, H/C, Other Jack, Other Ianto, Timetravel, Telepathy, Creature!Ianto, Long Life

Burning Bright by tanarian 
Summary: 2 Chapters MUST READ Jack goes back to Earth after travelling with the Doctor, he doesn't quite get the reaction he expected. Tanarian. Thats all you need to know, just read!
Tags: Apocafic, Janto, Doctor, Character Deaths, Long Life, Possible Alien!Ianto

One Day byclarity_lore 
Summary: An alternative look at the end of Cyberwoman, more angsty and less humorous than Complications but deals with the same Suicidal!Ianto. Quite heartwarming actually. A must read.
Tags: Janto, Bad Wold, Cyberwoman, Suicide
Thanks tokitkat0038  for the heads up. 

Non Linear by misswinterhill 
Summary: MUST READ I couldn't believe it when when I first read it. There couldn't be fics as perfect as this could there? But here it is, perfect in every way. I will love it til the day I die, To me the best TW fanon world in existence. This is by far, my most favourite Janto fic. The Doctor, The Face of Boe, The Boeminas, Management. *ADORES*
Tags: Janto, Reaper!Ianto, Eternal Domesticity, Various Incarnations of the Doctor, Face of Boe, Doctor Who Spoilers.

So Much More by[info]ru_salki99
Summary: Ianto is so much more than the tea boy and Jack's part time shag. Its crack, in my opinion anyway. Ianto's been lobotomised, in an oh so good way. Jack is hapless and its all a bit too fluffy. But it all makes for a kick-ass Ianto, something I need when after reading angsty offerings. Also there's a companion fic for Owen with an OMC, which is probably the most I've read with Owen as the protagonist.
Tags: Janto, Doctor, Powerful!Ianto, Long Life, End of Days, Family, Wedding, OOC 

Somewhere A Star Falls by Veronica
Summary: MUST READ Jack and Ianto in their 50th year together. Fantastic fic, doesn't give everything away in the first paragraph. Bit of fluff
Tags: Janto, H/C, Timetravel, Long Life

Long Series:

From Which Comes All Things by mclachlan 
Summary: MUST READ "From Chaos, Life" a fandom classic. Very well-written. John Hart is in attendance.
Tags: Powerful!Ianto, Janto, Ianto/John UST, Timetravel, End of Days

Salt and Pepper by gracie_musica 
Summary: Trial and tribulations of Jack and Ianto. There are two sequels for this fic, both are linked to the first page. Sweet, Fluffy, bit Angsty. Timetravel and Weddings. Bit of Gwen-bashing as well (yay)
Tags: Janto, Timetravel, Family, Wedding, Domesticity, Missing Scenes for various S2 episodes.

The Aesop Series by  clarity_lore  
Summary: MUST READ The paradox machine wakes up the TARDIS in the Hub and she decides its time to be free so she enlists Ianto's help.
Tags: Vortex!Ianto, Janto, Doctor, Doctor/Master, Team Torchwood

Homecoming Universe by merucha 
Summary: Ianto is a full Immortal. After years away he comes back to the action-packed life of Torchwood and as Jack's partner. John Hart is in attendance. As is PC Andy
Tags: Janto, Ianto/OFC, John Hart, PC Andy, Jack/Andy

I will edit sometime in the future, I keep thinking I missed other fics.


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Dec. 14th, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
Have you read One Day by clarity_lore?
Dec. 14th, 2008 10:27 am (UTC)
Ah yes, I've read that one, I completely forgot. Its not on my favorites, its probably because its got too much angst. Thanks for the heads up! x
Dec. 18th, 2008 09:58 pm (UTC)
May I rec Resonating Through Time and it's 2 spin offs Deveations From The Norm and Sonata for the TARDIS in D for this list.

Edited at 2008-12-18 09:58 pm (UTC)
Dec. 18th, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
thanks, got it under long series 'Salt and Pepper'. should prolly edit the name...
Jan. 15th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
Here is another Immortal!Ianto recommendation; Butterfly in Reverse by hitlikehammers. The Doctor takes Ianto to Sat5 so that he could be with Jack forever.

Oct. 11th, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
Thank you for the recs but do you happen to have a copy of ashes to flames?
Jun. 14th, 2016 05:38 pm (UTC)
Long shot
Hey I know it's been years and years since you've made this list but was wondering if there are any alternative links to Non Linear by misswinterhill. They have locked down their LJ and I've been dying (pun not intended...) tor re-read this!
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